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Of blue lips and birds :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 0
Hero's bio
Name: Hero
Gender: Male
Species: Flareon
Wild/Captured: He was briefly captured but was released, so currently wild
If Wild, can they be caught? If Captured, who is there trainer?: Yes, he can be captured.
Appearance: A relatively ordinary looking Flareon, expect for a scar under his right eye and nick in the same ear.
Personality: Somewhat of a dreamer, Hero is reserved and often lost in his own thoughts. Despite this, he’s a reliable and loyal friend, though it might take some time and coaxing to gain his trust. It’s not a by product of anything in particular, except for perhaps living and growing up in the wild where trusting the wrong pokemon could end badly. He can be absentminded and is somewhat clumsy.    
History: Born to an abandoned Glaceon mother because she failed to win the championship for her trainer and a wild born Absol father, Hero grew up just on the outskirts of a small country town with t
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 0
Tell me a story-
It’s because you say to me. “Please, tell me a story?”
That I tell you of bright fire and teeth like seething daggers,
Of wings that hurled trees and boulders, as if they were mere twigs and stones
And claws that plucked forth loved ones as if they were ants.
It’s since you asked of me. “Tell me another story!”
So I tell you of hungry bellies and weeping children,
Of sore bodies after a hard day's’ toil of work for barely enough
And of bitter sweet memories of days when everything was bathed in gold.
It’s when you begged of me. “I want your story.”
So I tell you of when plates and cutlery was tossed around,
Of a cheerful song that filled my heart to the brim whenever I thought of it.
And of how it now breaks my heart to ever even utter the words again.  
It’s how you whispered to me. “Tell me how it ends.”
That I nearly crack and speak of a kingdom unfairly stolen.
Of how thirteen dwarves and a Hobbit tr
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 1
The Hero of Legend.
~The Hero of Legend~
Sometimes, I have to stop and wonder
Is it worth the risk of death, just to hear people
speak my name in wonderment as I pass them by?
They'll never see the boy, but always the man,
the one with the sword and shield in hand,
Chainmail and tunic to match.
The Hero, they'd whisper in awe.
Is it worth it, for all the scars that they never shall see,
both on the inside and out, to see the happy faces
of the children running in the streets?
They forget I was once like them.
I was still like them, in many ways.
But facing death made maturity come much faster.
Will they ever know of the darkness I faced,
so they may keep the freedom they so desire?
I wish I could grasp at the same straws as them.
But always, they slip from me while I watch them fall.
The monsters, they sing, are gone from their beloved land
But do they not see that not all of them are gone?
The one they call hero...the one they cheer for
As he rides beside their Queen, do they not see?
The monsters
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 10 5
The Last Mark
A terrible storm was going to start soon, best get home soon. A yellow coated earth pony thought to herself as she stared at the sky. The weather ponies were placing dark clouds into places, the odd pony or two being shocked by a stray spark.
Not watching where she was going, Apple bloom didn't see the pony in front of her and both were sent sprawling onto the ground.
"Oh! Ahm so sorry! Let me" Apple bloom scrambled to her hooves to help the fallen pony, only to stare in shock at the purple mane and orange coated mare in front of her. “Oh, hi Scootaloo.” The pegasus smiled slightly as she stood up, ignoring the hoof when Apple bloom offered to help her up.
“It’s cool. I wasn't watching where I was going. Silly me.” The two of them chuckled uncomfortably, an awkward stretch of silence spreading between them as they waited for the other to speak. Finally, Apple bloom broke the silence.
“So....Granny Smith is making Zap Apple Jam thi
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 1
Starfall by SilverForestWolf Starfall :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 3 Rythmic Nightbeat and Lucille Aria by SilverForestWolf Rythmic Nightbeat and Lucille Aria :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 0 Silverburst-first try by SilverForestWolf Silverburst-first try :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 0 Silverburst by SilverForestWolf Silverburst :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 0 Hazelclaw by SilverForestWolf Hazelclaw :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 0 Original quotes challenge by SilverForestWolf Original quotes challenge :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 6
Compass Rose
"East of paradise, west of hell, north of love and south to hate....
Must we travel these long roads, filled with as much disdain as joy?
Before we find what we are truly looking for?
A place filled with acceptance and truth?
East of paradise, west of hell, north of love and south to hate....
Oh heart of truth, show us the way to where your gilded promises lay.
Oh arrow of love, show us where our lambs will lie with the lions.
Oh mirror of reflection, show us what lies beneath our skins.    
We are east of paradise, where our dreams lie.
We are west of hell, where all our dark desires die.
We are north of love, where everything spins on a dime.
We are south to hate, where everything and nothing is all but a game......"
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 0
How bad could I possibly be?
In a land far away, there once was a beautiful valley. Rivers brimming with humming fish and pure clean water, birds and bears alike feasting off the juicy fruits hanging from the soft, tuft-like leaves of the trees.  
They were content. All were happy to sleep, play and eat. All relished in the soft, sweet grass that grew in this valley, all took pleasure in drinking the cold but delicious water and all delighted in eating the sweetmeat that was the fruit from the Truffula trees.
Everyone was happy.
But as one knows, all good things do not last and soon, even this beautiful valley, brimming with humming fish, clean water, birds and bears filled on fruits from the trees, had conceded to the force of greed.

"I don't want any trouble." Retorted angrily the Once-ler to a small, moustached creature, unseeing the destruction around him. For now.
"Yes, you won't get any trouble. Not from them." The small orange creature sombrely watched the line of birds, bears and even the
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 3
oooh, I heard!
"No manners! Absolutely no manners!" Screeched one of Kraljica's Ladies in waiting. Word had spread quickly about Kawil's fleeing from the Queen.  They were all sitting in the Sewing
Room and were chattering their heads off at each other-though at the moment they were all abandoning their sewing and just about making their teeth and tongues fall out of their mouths. "How dare he do such a thing?! Run out when having an audience with the Queen-and here I thought what a respectful young man he was, having saved all of Urafiy!"
"Well I never quite liked him! Didn't you hear?"  said another woman firmly, "that Ceremony that was meant for him was as grand as any if not more-yet the little miscreant couldn't even bother sending a letter to say he wouldn't be attending!"  Yells and shrieks of disapproval echoed throughout the room.
"Ooh, I heard, I heeeard!" Sniffed a shriveled washing lady who was in the room from the beginning to collect any scrape cloth to was
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 0
Demonic bird
"Hey, when you were younger, did you ever imagine that the clouds were ever made out of other stuff?" A young voice rang out in the dark silence, eyes flashing in the firelight. The girl who spoke was settled on a chair, her three friends flanking her around the blazing fire. Plates and glasses lay scattered around them, evident of a nightly stake out. "Like Marshmallows or cotton? 'Cause I did."
Tonight had been their Formal night, one of the last nights they would see each other with anything reflecting on school. Their graduation was in two days and the girl who spoke would then be whizzed off overseas, to trek around Egypt for three weeks with her mother.  After that, it would an unsure time of when they would see each other again.
One of her friends moved to answer, going to recite the story of when he was younger and his favourite thing to play with was the old boxes his parents left behind and thought them to be ready made forts when an unearthly like shriek sent them
:iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 0 0
What's that? by SilverForestWolf What's that? :iconsilverforestwolf:SilverForestWolf 1 0

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